Brandenburg AirportLocated 40 kilometers south of Berlin, Brandenburg Airport opened in 2020 as a new entry point in the city.
Brandenburg Airport - Introducing Berlin]]>
Unter den LindenUnter den Linden, meaning “under the linden trees” in German, is one of the main boulevards in Berlin, along with Kurfürstendamm.
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Ku'DammThe Kurfürstendamm, known as Ku’Damm, is one of the most distinguished avenues in Berlin and a famous shopping street, along with Unter den Linden.
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AlexanderplatzAlexanderplatz has been considered the heart of Berlin since the Middle Ages.
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Potsdamer PlatzPotsdamer Platz was once one of the noisiest public squares in Berlin.
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GendarmenmarktGendarmenmarkt is one of the splendid squares in Berlin.
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BebelplatzBebelplatz is one of the most famous squares in Berlin owing to the fact that the Nazi book burning took place here on the 10 May 1933.
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Pariser PlatzPariser Platz is one of the most important squares in Berlin.
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Museum IslandThe Museum Island (Museumsinsel) in Berlin has been given this name because it houses a complex of world-renowned museums.
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Brandenburg GateInaugurated in 1791, the Brandenburg Gate is currently a symbol of peace both in Germany and Europe.
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Berliner UnterweltenBerliner Unterwelten is a museum that preserves Berlin’s underground infrastructure.
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Checkpoint CharlieCheckpoint Charlie is the most famous border crossing checkpoint between West and East Germany after the Berlin Wall was put up.
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German ParliamentThe Reichstag building is where the German Parliament (Bundestag) meet regularly.
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Topography of TerrorThe Topography of Terror is a history museum in Berlin housed in the former Gestapo and SS headquarters between 1933 and 1945.
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Holocaust Memorial The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is a site with 2,711 concrete blocks of different sizes.
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TV TowerCommissioned by the German Democratic Republic in 1969, the TV Tower (Fernsehturm) stands 368 meters tall and is the tallest design in Germany.
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Charlottenburg PalaceBuilt between 1695 and 1699, Charlottenburg Palace was designed in a baroque style for Sophie Charlotte, wife of Friedrich I of Prussia.
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East Side GalleryMost of the Berlin Wall was knocked down, except a 1.
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Neue Wache The Neue Wache, which means the New Guardhouse in English, was commissioned by Frederick William III of Prussia and was inaugurated in 1818.
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Kunsthaus TachelesKunsthaus Tacheles, which means Art House Tacheles in English, was one of the most famous alternative art centers in Berlin.
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Pergamon MuseumThe Pergamon Museum is an archaeological museum.
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Neues MuseumConsidered the gem of the 5 museums on Museum Island, the Neues Museum has received several architecture prizes and its collection is astonishing.
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Hamburger BahnhofHamburger Bahnhof is an important contemporary art museum in Berlin with paintings by renowned artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.
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Berggruen Museum Berggruen Museum is one of the most-visited museums in Berlin.
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DDR MuseumThe DDR Museum displays a curious collection of items and recreations from East Germany that reflects life in the GDR between 1949 and 1990.
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German Museum of TechnologyPlanes, boats, trains and various experiments make the German Museum of Technology in Berlin an ideal place to discover the history of science.
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Checkpoint Charlie MuseumThe Checkpoint Charlie Museum in Berlin was opened to document the Berlin Wall and the most famous checkpoint between East and West Berlin.
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Jewish Museum Berlin Opened to the public in 2001, the Jewish Museum Berlin was created to spread the history and culture of the Judeo-German population.
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Alte NationalgalerieThe Alte Nationalgalerie, meaning Old National Gallery in English, is a nineteenth century art museum housed in a striking neoclassical building.
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Bode MuseumReopened in 2006, the Bode Museum on the Museum Island in Berlin, houses an interesting and unusual collection of statues, coins and Byzantine art.
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Deutsches Historisches Museum The Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum) recalls the history of Germany from 100 B.
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Altes MuseumThe Altes Museum, meaning old museum in English, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and houses a beautiful collection of classic antiques.
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Berlin Cathedral Established between 1894 and 1905, the Berlin Cathedral, situated on Museum Island, is the most iconic religious temple in the capital of Germany.
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Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Bombed during World War II, the remains of the original Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church were integrated into the new Memorial Church.
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Berlin Tempelhof AirportBerlin Tempelhof Airport was one of the most important historic airports in Germany.
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Sachsenhausen Concentration CampThe Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp is one of the largest in Nazi Germany.
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PotsdamSituated 24km from central Berlin, Potsdam was used by Frederick William I as a hunting space.
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House of the Wannsee ConferenceThe Wannsee Conference took place in an elegant house.
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