Taxis in Berlin

Taxis in Berlin

Want to take a taxi in Berlin? This article includes all the necessary information to get around in a taxi, including the minimum fare, the stops and phone numbers of the main taxi companies in Berlin.

Berlin offers an easy to use and comfortable public transport system with stops at all the main tourist attractions; however, sometimes getting around the city in a taxi is the easiest option.

Taxis in Berlin are cream colored with a “TAXI” roof sign and a taximeter. There are numerous taxi ranks in the city center, but you can also hail a cab on the street.


Taxis in Berlin are quite expensive; but short trips of up to 2km are included in a fixed rate of 5 (US$ 5.40). To enjoy this special tariff, you should say to your taxi driver in German: “Kurzstrecke" as soon as you get into the cab. 

Keep in mind that this special fare is only available if you hail a cab on the street. If you get one from a taxi rank you will have to pay the normal amount.

If your journey is over 2km long, the price is 2 (US$ 2.20) per kilometer up to 7km. From 7km onwards, the taxi ride costs 1,50€ per kilometer. One hour waiting time is 30 (US$ 32.30).

To get an idea, the cost of a trip from Brandenburg Airport to the center of Berlin is usually between 70 (US$ 75.40) and 80 (US$ 86.10).

Bear in mind that each suitcase in the trunk will cost you an extra euro per bag.

Taxi contact numbers

If you have an emergency and prefer to call a taxi, these are the contact numbers of the main taxi companies in Berlin:

  • Taxi-Ruf Würfelfunk "0800-Cabcall": +49-(0)30 - 21 01 01
  • Funk Taxi Berlin +49-(0)30 - 26 10 26
  • Quality Taxi: +49-(0)30- 26 3000
  • TaxiFunk Berlin GmbH +49-(0)30 - 44 33 22