Where to stay in Berlin

Where to stay in Berlin

Berlin is a relatively inexpensive city with a lot of areas with hotels with great rates. If you book in advance, you’ll find great deals for approximately 50 (US$ 53.80) per night for a double room. 

Best areas to stay in

One of the best neighborhoods to find accommodation is Mitte, especially around Potsdamer Platz. The adjacent streets and boulevards are lively, but not too noisy and very safe.

If what you’re looking for is to stay near the main sights, we recommend finding accommodation near Unter den Linden, one of the city’s main arteries. You’ll be able to walk to most of the museums and landmarks.

If you wish to save up and spend less on accommodation, you’ll find good options just outside the city center. Berlin has a relatively good public transport system, so you can get to all the monuments, areas and museums by U-Bahn (metro) and S-Bahn (train) and it doesn’t take long.

Hotels in Berlin

If you plan your holidays in Berlin in advance, you can find hotels with good ratings that cost approximately 50 (US$ 53.80) a night for a double room.

To find the best deals and to enjoy important discounts, we recommend our search engine, where you’ll be able to book accommodation with the minimum price guaranteed. Many hotels offer free cancelation until the day before the reservation date:

Apartments in Berlin

In the past years, serviced apartments have become increasingly popular and are a great option if you’re staying in Berlin for over a weekend or are on holidays with a large group. To find the best selection, we recommend checking out our search engine:

Hostels in Berlin

If you’re traveling to the capital of Germany on a tight budget, you might prefer to share a room in a hostel. The average price of hostels in Berlin is 15 (US$ 16.10) per night (if you share a room). 

We recommend checking out this website for the best selection: