Buses in Berlin

Buses in Berlin

Berlin’s urban bus network covers most of the city including the most important touristic spots. Discover the various daytime and nighttime lines, and what tickets and travel cards you should purchase to explore the city by bus.

Berlin’s bus network is the oldest in Germany. In the nineteenth century five lines were put in place with 120 horses that pulled the numerous horsebuses. Nowadays, the capital has 300 lines covering most of the city.


Although the bus lines reach most of the city, it is easier and quicker to travel by U-Bahn or by tram than it is by bus in Berlin.

The most interesting bus line for visitors is number 100. It runs through Unter den Linden from Brandenburg Gate all the way to Alexanderplatz, stopping at all the main sights on the boulevard.

Nighttime buses

The nighttime buses might be more useful for tourists, since the 45 lines that run between midnight and 4:30am cover the whole city. All nighttime buses depart once every 30 minutes. 

The nighttime bus ticket costs the same as a daytime bus ticket, and you can purchase a single journey from the bus driver. 


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