Berlin transport tickets and fares

Berlin transport tickets and fares

Save money by learning about the various tickets and travel cards available in Berlin’s public transport system (U-Bahn, S-Bahn, buses and trams) and find out where to buy them.

All the tickets mentioned in this article are valid for the Berlin U-Bahn (subway system), the S-Bahn (railway system), urban buses and trams.

The city of Berlin is divided into various tariff zones: AB (central Berlin), BC and ABC. 

One-way tickets

  • Single ticket zones AB: 2,80 (US$3)
  • Single ticket zones BC: 3,10 (US$3.3)
  • Single ticket zones ABC: 3,40 (US$3.7)

It is mandatory to validate your ticket either at a metro station, once you get on a bus or tram. Once your ticket is active, it will be valid for two-hours. 

Travel cards

The following travel cards give you unlimited access to the city’s public transport system during its validity period:

Berlin travel cards
  Zones AB Zones BC Zones ABC
1 Day Ticket 7 (US$7.6) 7,40 (US$8) 7,70 (US$8.3)
7-Day Ticket 30 (US$32.3) 31,40 (US$33.8) 37,50 (US$40.4)

The daily tickets are valid until 3 am the following day.

Other tickets

  • Berlin Welcome Card: various types of Berlin Welcome Card available with different prices and duration.
  • Short distance ticket: valid for three stops (U-Bahn, S-Bahn) and 6 stops in buses and trams. An AB ticket costs 1,70 (US$1.8).
  • 4 single journey tickets (zones AB): 9 (US$9.7)
  • Group day ticket for 5 people: Zones AB: 19,90 (US$21.4), zones BC: 20,60 (US$22.2), zones ABC: 20,80 (US$22.4).
  • Extension ticket: If you already have a ticket for zones AB or BC, and want to travel to zone A or C, you should buy an extension ticket. It costs 1,60 (US$1.7) extra.

Where to purchase the tickets?

You can buy a ticket or travel card from any of the ticket offices or from the ticket vending machines at the U-Bahn and S-Bahn stations.

The bus and tram drivers also sell one-way and one-day tickets, but make sure you have the right change if you want to purchase a ticket on a tram, since the tram drivers only accept coins.