Berlin Welcome Card

Berlin Welcome Card

Berlin Welcome Card is a tourist pass that offers unlimited access to the city’s transport system and offers discounts of up to 50% in over 200 attractions, monuments, museums and restaurants.

Travel for free on Berlin’s urban buses, trains, and trams and skip the long queues for certain of the capital’s top attractions.


Some of the most visited sights included in the pass are:

If you’re planning on visiting Potsdam, the Berlin Welcome Card offers an option that includes Berlin city center and Potsdam public transport systems (areas ABC).

Check out the complete list of attractions included:


Choose the right type of card for you:

Berlin Welcome Card Prices
Type of card 48 hours 72 hours 4 days 5 days 6 days
Berlin areas AB 24 (US$ 25.80) 34 (US$ 36.60) 41 (US$ 44.10) 47 (US$ 50.60) 50 (US$ 53.80)
Berlin & Potsdam ABC 29 (US$ 31.20) 39 (US$ 42) 46 (US$ 49.50) 50 (US$ 53.80) 53 (US$ 57.10)
Berlin (AB) + Museum Island - 52 (US$ 56) -    

Is it worth it?

Before purchasing the card, we suggest you check out the prices of the attractions you want to see and then decide if the card is worthwhile, as some of the discounts are less than 50% and are not as advantageous.

If you’re a student, the Berlin Welcome Card is not very worthwhile, as you'll save more by showing your student card than this tourist pass.

Where to buy the Berlin Welcome Card

At the following link, you can get the card before leaving home. Once you've made your purchase, you can pick up the card in the tourist information offices, including those in the airport itself.