Berlin Money Saving Tips

Berlin Money Saving Tips

There are many ways to save money when traveling, apart from booking your flight and hotel in advance. Discover the best money-saving tips for Berlin.

How to save on transportation

If you’re not staying in the center of Berlin and must take the public transport system every day, check out our article on the various travel tickets and cards to get around Berlin. If you’re traveling to Berlin with your family or group of friends, note that there is a ticket for “small groups”.

Although it isn’t legal, you can also resell your ticket. At certain metro stations, you can find people who will buy your ticket and sell it for cheaper depending on the travel time that is left on the card. Or you can buy second-hand tickets from them.

Don’t forget your student card

Berlin is a great city to visit if you are a student since you’ll be able to save up to 50% in most tourist attractions and museums by showing your student card.